Duane D. Carter


I've been passionate about art my whole life. During my high school years I studied commercial art and went on to The Art Institute of Philadelphia where I studied Illustration and Graphic Design. I've received my BFA from William Paterson University. My work has been influenced by artist such as Ernie Barnes, Gordon Parks, Todd McFarlane, Mike Thompson, Greg Horn & Dan Luvisi. I handle graphic / logo designs are customized to perfectly position you in your market. Photographic portraits and event coverage, as well as photo retouching to create the perfect image for any need.


I'm a Nikon user. I have a lot of experience with shooting concerts, but am well-rounded enough to record many types of events.


Affordable small business logo design service. Professional, custom and always budget-friendly, our logos are perfect for the small business, website or blog owner who wants to create a lasting brand image.


Graphic design is an artform that combines creative input with technology to communicate ideas. It plays on emotions to influence those who see it.  Designers work with imagery and words to convey a message to a particular audience, swaying them as the client directs.


Digital photographic techniques allow the artist to manipulate images, melding technology and creative design to create unique images that cross the border into ART. The digital aspect allows one image to be used multiple times.


Digital tools are used to produce images under the direct manipulation of the artist, using the latest tools to create cutting-edge results.